*Pinky Promises*

Wouldn’t it be just fine and great if we all kept our promises throughout our lifetime. Well, it would be a tiresome job since people make endless promises on numerous occasions. One of the recent question that has been lurking me inside out is,

Why do we make promises in life when we clearly know that we are totally incapable of respecting it ?

It seems like yesterday that I asked my dad to promise me, not to let go of me, while riding my bicycle. But then, he did leave me. Subsequently, I promised my very first friend that I’ll be there for her always, but then I’m now nowhere near her. My brother promised me that he’ll always defend me and clear my coast away from bullies, but once again then he’s not here to carry out his promise.

The beautiful thing about holding a promise is that, it gives the receiver a complete sense of trust and faith on the other. But we mortals tend to shatter that essential element of assurance so easily and we are okay with it.

Be it small or big, a promise is a promise, and it is the very core of every relationship. All individuals have idealized big goals in life. So it’ll be nice if people realize the gravity of promises in life and make it a goal to preserve promises made to their dear and near. It may seem small and easy, but it’s impact is actually quite powerful.

I’m not suggesting people to go make up for their broken promises, but it’ll be good if people cherish and treasure their current promises. Surely there will be a dramatic improvement in the social and personal relationships of individuals, for the other person starts to feel that they are being valued, and their promise is being secured. Also trust even blooms in between enemies, if the virtue of promise is safeguarded.

Ps: All of these views are my perspectives, and thus it may sound one sided. Kindly take in the good parts and let’s all transform ourselves into better beings.

All it takes is one small step. So let’s strive towards becoming the improved versions of ourselves !

*pinky promise*


Back to square one.

Life experiments can be challenging as well as threatening, in the sense that they have the potent to alter one’s course of life, beliefs and core ideologies. In that context, a year back I decided to do something that I never attempted my entire life. After 20 years of staying with my parents, I opted to leave home and test unknown terrains. I challenged myself to go beyond my comfort zone and explore the raw world awaiting in front of me.

Initially the experience was all a painted picture and sugary. But when days matured, the silver lining eventually came off and unpredictable and unfavorable moments were encountered. So during times as those, I used to wonder whether things were faulty at my end, or this is how stuff happens in adult world. But after one year of close watch, I came to the conclusion that people just don’t meet at random, but always have a purpose in each other’s lives.

A wise friend recently introduced me to the gem of all books, “Many lives, Many masters” by Dr.Brian Weiss. In this book, the author states that souls, who knew each other at the time of living, always reincarnate as a group and get involved in each other’s lives once again. The author accounts that this is because of karma and one’s life actions. Thus, the balance is always maintained alas, and implies that one cannot escape the price of sin, just through death.

Now many of you may wonder what that book has to do in this context. Well, on a closer note, the struggles that I faced and hardships that I underwent were all a part of me being liberated from my past karma. Thus all this can be attributed as life’s redemption of making my slate clean and helping me to start from square one.

To be honest, I never got the phrase “Back to square one” as a child, when playing board games. But now, this phrase is too relatable. From my little expedition, I realized that life gives people numerous chances and options to wipe their slates clean and start afresh. But it is all in the hands of the same people to either take it or leave it.

By taking these chances, one either accept their karma and wash off their sins. Or the person can react imprudently and further add on to their deeds by leaving out their chances. So it took one full year to realize this universal truth, along with some hard hitting mishaps on the way.

So peeps, it is better to embrace all the new people and experiences that life has to offer and accept them whole heartedly, rather than to complain about it. Because certain occasions are bound to happen even if one divert all their strength to avert it. More importantly, life offers a fresh beginning only for deserving some. So in such case, it is better to strike a deal with life and aim towards progress.

“Can’t I just turn back the clock, forgive my sins. I just wanna roll my sleeves up, and start again”…goes the song by OneRepublic. So wouldn’t it be better to come back to square one and begin new again !

Ps: I know it’s been very long since my last post. But with this experiment teaching me values of life, I’m back with a bang from my break. All these are my perspectives and it may differ from person to person, so I don’t mean any disrespect to any of you with different viewpoints.

Until next time !



waiting gurl

“Desperate eyes

Heart with a flickering sense of hope

Dubious mind

Threatened ego”

All these are some of the characteristics that each and everyone of us must have experienced in one of the phases of life.

Life is not always fair, it maintains a fine balance in everything. This also includes one’s ego, attitude, esteem, pride and the whole mortal idea of who the person is. Thus, when people get head-strong, life tend to push them down from the highest alp and bring them back to reality. Or worse, when people imagine themselves to be indestructible, life tends to crush them down to get them back to senses.

This is the way life operates. The period of resuscitation is the hardest of all. The person in this stage, is similar to that of a phoenix. They have to accept all the shame, humiliation, embarrassment, disgrace in order to rise up again and become eminent. This duration of time, the time to accept and seek for the right opportunity is what I call as the “Wait”. This “Wait” is actually more dreadful and unbearable than it sounds, as it has the potent of casting oneself into a new being.

Apart from superficial world, one’s inner self is enough to do the damages. Human mind is a very powerful, complex and a tricky place to be. It makes people to believe completely in an instance, and become vacillating by the next stance. Likewise unresolved fears, which gets more aggravated at the event of a “Wait”, also contribute greatly to the damages orchestrated in collaboration with the mind.

Thus an unstable fearful mind makes everything go loony and the person loses sight of the track back to reality. This is the time when people have to hold on to themselves and use hope as an anchor back to reality and happiness. Now finding these anchors can be quite challenging, but once they are in position, one can boom back with a whoop into the present.

Once after being back, the person must not forget the hardships and the pain endured during the “Wait”, and must start to live a more meaningful life. This also includes the unannounced edict that the victim should always be considerate and thoughtful of others’ situation and act accordingly. This assertion is undertaken since the victim is now capable of being in other person’s shoe and knows the agony of the “Wait”.

PS : All these views are my perspectives of how a person fall and gets back to one’s feet. I’m truly sorry if I have differed from your opinion and hurt any one of you. Feel free to correct me and enlighten me.


Time can heal a broken heart, But it can also break a “Waiting” heart !

Until next time, Hasta la vista !


Little “Self-Love” on this Valentine’s


After being stranded in the middle of the road for the hundredth time,

She shrugged off the unknown faces filled with despise glime.

Wrapping her jacket around her suspicious attire,

The ‘four hundred dollar’ in her palm pulled her close to the nearby diner.

Spending the whole pay on her valentine meal,

Her eyes sparkled with content for the time with herself, like it’s a big deal.

After days and nights of working for others,

She finally felt at ease, as now there’s no need to pother.

As she walked back to her home all alone,

The joy she felt inside was beyond the entire living zone.



Hello Folks, finally I’m back from my 6-month long hiatus and I wanted to start off this year on the most romantic day of the month. Love is not essentially based on ‘giving to another’. It is also how a person treats oneself. “Self-Love” is something that I really wanted you guys to know about.

Always remember,

             Only when you love and treat yourself in a good way, other people will serve you with the respect you deserve !!











Mind of Mine !

In the memory of a cherish relationship that got to its abrupt end without a goodbye.

Recently I was told that one can never hold on to something that is obviously falling apart.And that you or your karma,is not at all the reason for that relationship to end.Sometimes it is better to let go and be free,rather than clinging tightly to people and trying hard to keep them together.They also tell that it’s better to not take these relationship issues to the head and keep on thinking about it.But I fail in following this piece of vital advice whenever I’m in the middle of a relationship crisis.

Every relationship has its ups and downs.The ones that are strong enough always strive and survive.But those which are feeble always crumble to its oblivion.They are long forgotten along with their once treasured memories.I have always wondered how people get themselves free so easily from all that emotional attachments over some silly mishaps.It is disheartening and sad to see ‘once-best friends’,glancing at each other like strangers.

It’s human nature and tendency to commit mistakes.People involving in relationships must be definitely knowing about the other person’s situations and problems.So when a person do something wrong,they must be the one to understand from their shoes,instead of criticizing them.Even though if the person commits a grave and an unforgivable mistake,the friend must be crazy enough to forgive the other because that’s what determines their bonding and affection towards each other.

It is my tendency to think in a way that my karma takes a toll on my social and personal life.So whenever something goes wrong with my peer relationship (even though I’m not the cause for any trouble),I start to think of all the wrongs that I’ve committed and start to feel guilty.And I also believe that all relationships should end the way it started (ie) in a mutual way with a goodbye.I once didn’t have the chance to say my goodbyes to a treasured and cherished relationship.And I regret it till date.So I always take initiative and try mending relationships which are in the verge of breaking off…So that they don’t regret it one day like I do.

Call me old-fashioned,but I believe that people do not meet and get into a relationship without a reason.Again I may be wrong,but these are all my views and perspectives.I’m so sorry if I’ve hurt people who don’t agree with me.

Legends tell that people are bonded over lifetimes…It’s a sin to break those sacred bonds over meaningless things !




There was a time when life was easy,

with no ups and downs on its way !

Things were better as they were,

with no dreamy surmise then and now.

Words were true and acts were real,

with no stupid reckoning protruding in between !

Now this may look like ‘golden days’ – once cherished but

now with a little pale off its gleam.

This “past time” can turn about – the clock can be reversed,

if no firsthand expectations are yet ready to be revealed !!



#blog award

The Versatile Blogger Award !!


Hello folks,I have been nominated by the lovely and sweet grevisangel73 for this blogger award and it’s quite an honor for me.Firstly I have to apologize for the delay in responding to the nomination.Next,I’m super excited and super happy in participating among the nominations ! Please do check out my nominator’s blog site as it is so interesting and worth for a read.

Rules :

  1. You have to thank the person who nominated you for this award and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Link the nominees and inform them about their nomination.
  3. Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice
  4. Share 7 facts about yourself.

Well,I’m kind of a secretive person but I guess rules are rules,so I’ll share a few facts about me and my life.I hope it’s worth your read !

  • I have a thing for butterflies..Whenever I see a butterfly on my way,I consider it to be a good vibe for me.I’m not all superstitious,but I have my own beliefs.
  • Every weekend,it is customary for me to have a night ride.The wind in the hair,cold breeze,twinkling stars,calm surrounding really gets me.It allows me to clear my thoughts.
  • I’m an avid reader.I’m mostly into young adult fiction,mystery,tragedy,romance and gothic fiction novels.
  • Music really takes my mind off whenever I’m on the edge.
  • I really value friendship over relationship.It has been my strongest forte at all times.
  • I always have the habit of saying “yes” to everyone for everything (in a good sense).I feel that when a person has come to me for something with the belief that I’ll help them,if I say ‘no’ then it equals to breaking of all hope they had on me.
  • Whenever I get a little low,I always turn to F.R.I.E.N.D.S ,the series never fails to cheer me up and I’m a ardent fan of it.

Hope I didn’t bore you people ! Now here are my nominees for this award…

  1. The Sporadic Scribbler
  2. crystalamayy
  3. Writing Natural
  4. muffled voice..!
  5. doodlessworld
  6. youronlinepal
  7. ODD ball
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  15. Hummings

All of the above mentioned blogs are unique in their own way and inspire me in day to day life.Their works stand out and never fails to impress.These people always kind of set the bar high everytime and produce great pieces.It’s my pleasure to nominate the mentioned fellow bloggers.Please do check their blogs and posts,I highly recommend it.

Nominees…if you choose not to participate,then you don’t have to participate (because it can be time consuming), and if you enjoyed this post please don’t forget to like, follow, share and comment.

Have a happy day !!





As a small fish in uncharted waters she struggled,

Not knowing that the very struggle will harden her troubles and mold her.

‘Small fish’,they said…and nabbed her of all the trust and faith

That she once had on her fellow fishes-how foolish of me,she thought.

Wanting to change her for better companions…the wild possibilities outgrew her,

Finally producing what she really wasn’t…a pleaser and a loser !

Once known for skills and no-objection,always an easy prey for big fishes to pry on.

And so the word spread and the small fish regretted its transformation…

The firstly abandoning fishes were the ones she thought will stay by her side during difficulties !

Time answered all confusions of the small fish with instances from near future,

That her purpose among her present group was fulfilled and no longer required

Leaving the small fish all alone once again !!

“Is this life ?”,shouted the frustrated fish towards the boundless ocean,

“This is just the mirage of what life will be !”,boomed back ocean with lively lessons.



Hello all,this is my first time in writing poetry.So please bear with me and help me improve with my poetry skills.Hope you all enjoy it (and I hope I conveyed what exactly I had in my mind from my inspiration !!)…Fingers crossed and waiting for your valuable feedbacks 🙂




two sisters running on beach holding hands                        Hello everyone ! First,I want to apologize for not being active for the past two months.I have been occupied with a lot of troubling thoughts lately.Next,I want to thank all of you for being such a comfort during my unsettled times.I managed my days with the help of all your inspiring and really touching posts,which is the only thing that kept me sane.Please bear with my melancholic tune of the day !!

Recently,I’ve been wondering about how all people have a “support system” and “got your back”kind of pals in their life.And I have been reflecting how these people manage to stay in the same level throughout their lives.Friendship is a very beautiful and a ‘delicate’ way of being related to one another.It can either bloom or wither in a matter of second.But,when a friendship that has lasted for almost a decade becomes frail and lose touch,what happens to the ‘once-friends’ ? How do they cope up with the loss of a friend ?

The worst scenario is that-when a person’s “long lasting friendship” suddenly halts and misunderstanding builds up,then nothing worse can happen than ‘once two close friends’ being ‘just friends’. It’s really sad to see such a pleasing bond turn into something that’s not.And some times these pals don’t express the “lately built up tension” and ease it up with their friends.

This is where jealousy steps in and ruins the left out bond betwixt the two.When one of them find support and comfort in her outer circle,the other becomes envious and the ugly cold war begins.So,as you can see,what was believed to be a beautiful relationship turned sour.All this,because one of them didn’t find it in themselves to let go of their ego and speak up…because they didn’t think that they owe it to their bond to mend it…because they didn’t think that they owe it to themselves.

What will be the state of either of these people when they meet years later in their lives…will they even share a smile (or) just turn away.Just think ! I’m not categorizing all friendships to be stereotyped in this same way.I’m just pointing out some bonds-which were thicker than blood once ! I’m so sorry if I’ve hurt anyone of you through my views…these are merely my perspectives.

                       Remember,every ‘good friend’ was once a ‘stranger’. Don’t make them into ‘STRANGERS WITH MEMORIES’ !!


#blog award

Mystery Blogger Award !!


This award was created by Okoto Enigma

Hi people…I super excited about this award because it’s my first award in my blogging history.I was nominated by the lovely Rei ,So thank you so much for that and please make sure to check her blog.


– Put the award logo/image on your blog
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Three things about myself:

#. I’m a night person.

#. I have hard time trusting people as my trust gets easily broken so often by people I care.

#. I always stop myself from attaching to someone so close,to avoid myself from getting hurt.

Questions from my nominee:

1.What is your Christmas tradition?                                      

Basically I’m not a Christian,so that explains that I don’t have any traditions being followed on Christmas.Anyway,I enjoy helping and decorating Christmas tree at my friend’s place.  

2.A bad habit, you wish you could stop?                              

I have this habit of checking my phone often,even though I have no notifications in my phone.This is one habit which I’m fighting against.

3.What is your current favorite song?                                  

I’m addicted to “I don’t wanna live forever”by Zayn and Taylor Swift from “Fifty Shades Darker”. 

4.Your worst pet peeves?

One of my biggest pet peeves is how people fancy chokers.

5.Are you tea or a coffee person?

My day never ends without a cup of hot steaming coffee,so I guess that makes me a “Coffee Person”.

Questions for my nominees:

  • What would you want the most in the beginning of the upcoming New Year?
  • Are you a night or a day person?
  • What is your favorite song of all time?
  • If you have an hour left to convey your final goodbyes,whom would you call first?
  • What is that one place,where you would wish to go within your time of life?

I nominate:

As for my best posts, I don’t know really. Why don’t you let me know which of my posts you liked the most?

Have a prosperous New Year folks !! Let this new beginning bring happiness to all of you !