two sisters running on beach holding hands                        Hello everyone ! First,I want to apologize for not being active for the past two months.I have been occupied with a lot of troubling thoughts lately.Next,I want to thank all of you for being such a comfort during my unsettled times.I managed my days with the help of all your inspiring and really touching posts,which is the only thing that kept me sane.Please bear with my melancholic tune of the day !!

Recently,I’ve been wondering about how all people have a “support system” and “got your back”kind of pals in their life.And I have been reflecting how these people manage to stay in the same level throughout their lives.Friendship is a very beautiful and a ‘delicate’ way of being related to one another.It can either bloom or wither in a matter of second.But,when a friendship that has lasted for almost a decade becomes frail and lose touch,what happens to the ‘once-friends’ ? How do they cope up with the loss of a friend ?

The worst scenario is that-when a person’s “long lasting friendship” suddenly halts and misunderstanding builds up,then nothing worse can happen than ‘once two close friends’ being ‘just friends’. It’s really sad to see such a pleasing bond turn into something that’s not.And some times these pals don’t express the “lately built up tension” and ease it up with their friends.

This is where jealousy steps in and ruins the left out bond betwixt the two.When one of them find support and comfort in her outer circle,the other becomes envious and the ugly cold war begins.So,as you can see,what was believed to be a beautiful relationship turned sour.All this,because one of them didn’t find it in themselves to let go of their ego and speak up…because they didn’t think that they owe it to their bond to mend it…because they didn’t think that they owe it to themselves.

What will be the state of either of these people when they meet years later in their lives…will they even share a smile (or) just turn away.Just think ! I’m not categorizing all friendships to be stereotyped in this same way.I’m just pointing out some bonds-which were thicker than blood once ! I’m so sorry if I’ve hurt anyone of you through my views…these are merely my perspectives.

                       Remember,every ‘good friend’ was once a ‘stranger’. Don’t make them into ‘STRANGERS WITH MEMORIES’ !!



33 thoughts on “BROKEN FRIENDSHIP…

  1. any relationship is built by two. each must work on it to continue. people grow and change for any number of reasons. sometimes those charges do not agree with the other. but as with anything, nothing is permanent. and because of this, we should cherish the time we are with them or have them in our lives.
    i do really like your last two lines.
    im sorry you are going through this and i hope you take this as a learning experience.
    you are missed, so please return soon.

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    1. Thanks for the support and comfort !! It really means a lot to me.Each word of yours is so very true…wish I had understood it earlier ! And for sure,this will stay forever with me as my experience.As you said,nothing is permanent and change are inevitable…I realize that now.And so I’m myself now and moving back to normal.Thanks for your concern 🙂

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  2. Friendships are great but if it becomes toxic, it’s time to let go. Hopefully you two can at least be cordial to one another. I hope everything can be resolved soon. I’m wishing you the best. ☺❤

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  3. Life is too short to allow conflict to colour what little we have. Sometimes people just develop at different paces, people touch us then move on and it hurts. But you make room for new friendships and experiences. My dad when he was alive would say ‘take the best bits into your next friendship. Only look back if you are going that way’.

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  4. Hi dailylife, thanks for following my blog, I am now following yours.. I have just read this first post and can identify with your feelings on friends, and friendship. I am fortunate to have had a friendship for over 42 years. We have had ups and downs, and times when we were separated, but we always can count on each other.
    I hope you are dong better, you said, you were having troubling thoughts.
    I can also identify with that because I suffer from anxiety and depression.

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    1. Thanks for the follow mate…You must be really blessed and lucky to have known a person for 42 long years !! I really appreciate your understanding with your friend,to have survived all of those turbulence and still stay strong.
      Now I’m clear of how I must act next.Thanks for feeling connected and I really hope you overcome your anxiety and depression sooner.Thanks again for stopping by !

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      1. You’re more than welcome. Yes it is pretty rare to keep and maintain a relationship with someone that long. Humor is a big part of our relationship, plus we know each other so well, the good and the bad.
        The anxiety and depression are always going to be there. I just have to learn how to live with it and manage it. Thanks for the nice message, and it’s nice to meet you.

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  5. A broken friendship can be mend! Friends go , friends come! In fact, there is no problem, if friendship is broken. Even, if you don,t fight, some friendships will still be broken. I am presently experiencing it. It is far different from marriage.

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