Till DEATH do us apart…


We all,are familiar with the phrase “Till death do us apart !”…It’s most likely to be heard in weddings.Well,I’ve been thinking,does this phrase necessarily have to mean the ‘to be wedded bride and groom’ ?? I don’t think so.So here’s a small spoiler alert regarding this post…It is not at all a ROMANTIC (or) a HAPPILY EVER AFTER sort of post,it’s about death.Now,many of you might have concluded me for a melancholic person,which I am not.Today,one of my college senior deceased suddenly.It was quite a shock for most of us.She was one of the most vibrant person I’ve ever met in my life.

That’s when I realized the value people give to the living and the dead.That’s when I realized that,life is too uncertain and unpredictable.In reaching fame and affluence,we never realize that all these things are temporary…and anytime they can be taken away form us (ie) we can be taken away from them,that’s the irony of it.When I was thinking about the phrase,I was wondering “Maybe the phrase meant the body and the soul of the person !!…That body is a mere cocoon for the soul to finally fly away,once it’s ready.Like a butterfly growing stronger,day by day in its shell,the soul too might be preparing itself to redeem itself one day and be free.

I know that it’s a bit difficult to perceive the death of a person as a ‘Parting of soul to a better place’,especially the death of our dear ones.But,when it is seen in this way,it’ll be as a means to honor the deceased and celebrate their life.Thus the phrase might have also meant that,”Till the day the soul leaves the body,the body promises to aid the soul in all ways possible”. My new way of understanding this phrase may be a little unacceptable,especially since the term is closely associated with marriage and happiness.

But,people have to understand that it’s the power of words,that they can mean differently in different situations.Alas,this is how they meant to me today evening.I hope her soul rest in peace and will pray for her folks to find solace in the time being.Once again,It’s my perspective on experiences,that I had in my life and I’m so sorry if I’ve hurt any of you (or) against any of your views.

                        People don’t leave us,just because they’ve found a better place to reside….it’s because they are confident that we can move on in life without them,spreading their ‘missing smile and comforting hope’ as we go on !!



37 thoughts on “Till DEATH do us apart…

  1. So beautifully written and I am so sorry for your loss….My sister passed away from brain cancer 7 years ago and I was by her side, I walked straight to the window and opened it to be sure to set her soul free…so yes i do believe the phrase ‘Til death do us part’ is meant as you describe here so eloquently. ❀

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    1. Thanks for the appreciation !! It’s difficult to accept the loss of the loved ones…only time can heal.It’s a nice thing to do “to let the soul free through the window”.Happy to know that you too have similar mind tuning !! Lucky to connect with you πŸ™‚

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