Time for a “TIME OUT” !!


For a very long time I’ve been having this unanswered question…”What causes this much STRESS in today’s youngsters ??”. Well,they are seem to be the the ones with much stress levels than adults,who have concerns regarding family,work place and other grown up issues.I’ve been doing some reading regarding this and I was very surprised to know many UNEXPECTED FACTORS that can cause stress in this generation kids.In earlier days,people had many other diversions that distracted them from a stressful situation.But in today’s scenario,these diversions are the main factors that hike stress levels in youngsters.

For instance,when people had an ‘under pressure’ situation,they had the privilege to play across the meadows and loiter with fellow buds and have fun.But nowadays,say education (or) sports,there’s tough competition in all known fields.This sometimes spoil beautiful friendships (or) doesn’t even give a chance to develop a new ones.Now a question popped out of me…”What do people have in the end,other than achieved goals (which means nothing without folks to be around you and cheer) and uncountable rivals who are ready to stab behind your back (if they get a chance) ??”. Only people who have experienced such heights can answer this question !

The only feeling that cannot be expressed and identified that easily is knowing that one is ‘stressed out’. It can make a person perform highest of his/her abilities (or) it can completely shut one’s entire system and make them feel like a vegetable.”Unreasonable frustration,irritation about something unrelated,feeling lonely and tired always,quick losing of temper” can all indicate that the person is stressed out to a greater extent.Being stressed can affect both the victim as well as the people around the victim (ie) his/her ‘s family and friends.

Right from the age kids begin to take their first step,the kid goes through an unending ride with many twists and turns that makes the kid ‘tired of the ride’. This planning,for a secured future also creates failures,heart breaks for the kid when something unpleasant happens during that process….In many cases,the main reason for stress is “peer pressure” itself.It is essential to have healthy competition between friends as it enhances the performances of both the kids,instead of creating sense of unrest among them.

Some times these stress factors can also cause physical and psychological effects on the youngster (ie) depression,low blood pressure,migraines and other health hazards on the victims.Thus along with every sip of success,the person will be in a condition to take a handful of pills to continue succeeding.If this will be the legacy of our generation and other generations to come,then such sort of achievement will become meaningless in the end.In my opinion,these poor souls need a “TIME OUT” to vent out their stress in any form the prefer.

Meditation and yoga can help in clearing of the mind and persuades to think to deal with the situation.For youngsters,the the above two method can sound a bit philosophical.But instead,they can follow some daily routines,jogging and listening to music can help them to manage and regain their self.These views and suggestions are from my perspective and I’m very sorry if I’ve hurt any of you who have great ambitions in life and are working towards it.

                                       “Life is too short to STRESS oneself !! Just treasure and cherish the past,live and feel the moment….the future will make its way to you with ease 🙂



33 thoughts on “Time for a “TIME OUT” !!

  1. Beautiful post. I seriously wish people took a break from constantly proving something about themselves by focusing more on making life pleasant for them and those around. It would bring down the collective stress level relatively.

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  2. Stress is a sneaky sickness and can take over your life if you are not mindful of it…this was a very good post! I wish people werent so hard on themselves and could realize that this is might be the only life we get and it does not have to be so hard all of the time. XO!

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  3. This mind set of perfection or one must be at a certain standard in order to be able to play sports is ridiculous. Kids can’t even be kids with fun being squashed right our of them. I don’t understand why kids don’t seem to even want to play outside anymore. When I was a kid you had to drag me inside. Kids need to be just kids again. Reallt!

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    1. Yes that’s so true…kids need to understand that only in this part of time,they’ll be allowed to do all fun-filled stuffs and be free without any commitments and responsibilities. Nicely said!! Thank you so much for stopping by!

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  4. This is a very great post and well spelt out. Kids nowadays are undergoing so much pressure from education to peer pressure, struggling to meet up with the rest and some pressure from having to survive or take care of their helpless parents. You are so right about them to try and live and feel the moment💝

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  5. Interesting post!!☺👍Stress is essential in today’s cut throat competitive environment but too much of it definitely spoils the relations as well as hampers the work as well. The Balance between the work and health is the remedy!☺

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    1. Thank you so much!! It’s true that stress in limits can make us break our records and improve more…but it shouldn’t be a inhibiting factor in our routine. Well phrased ☺ Thanks again for stopping by!!


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