What we MISS…


                                                 Right from the moment we wake up from bed,till the time we doze off to sleep,people are so busy in their day to day life that they forget to stand still and look around them.People are ready to pay and learn lessons regarding “How to cope up with stress…How to be happy and content…How to take decisions in life” etc .But we are never ready to do things that are little different from our routine (ie) look at the stars in the night sky,walk in the grass barefooted and watching the sun set.

                                                 When was the last time some of us chased a butterfly on the very first sight of seeing it ? Well,nowadays we shew a butterfly rather than run behind it.When we don’t have time to see the smallest detail of all among the nature,how will we notice the nature’s grandeur.You may all be wondering what got into me that I’m so philosophical today.Well,I stood still today for the first time in my life and I fell in love with the tiniest of all nature’s creations (ie)butterflies and stars.The very sight of a colored butterfly can make a person cheerful throughout the day.

                                               Even though its stay is very limited,it flies around till its last breadth and makes its stay,a memorable one.Similarly people too,need to keep down their loads of burden once in a while and enjoy their life in which ever way they fell pleasured.The feeling of being free itself can release a person from their stress and unnecessary pressures.In this process,sometimes we may find the lost child inside of us and cherish our childhood memories.

                                                 Secondly,stars.The only thing that is ‘always there for us,looking at us and shining brightly at no matter what’ are stars.Even when we feel that the whole world is against us,just a look above us,can assure us that we still have something looking at us and rooting for us.That’s what ‘looking at stars’ made me feel.The thought that we have someone who would support us no matter what (ie)our ‘own kind of person’ can make impossibles happen.In that aspect,the ‘own kind of person’ may be a stuff borrowed from nature.The idea of having stars following us can be a little childish and immature.But it really loosens us up and makes us excited.

                                               Even the stroke of sunlight making its descent on leaves and the way it fills the whole tree thereby bringing it to life,can teach us more values than listening to a three hour lecture.I’m not against socializing but I’m highlighting the importance of patient observation that people lack today.We easily arrive at conclusions without knowing the whole scenario.But through these realizations,we can identify our ‘changeable flaws’. This is the priceless lesson taught by nature for helping ourselves.These are my views and opinions and it may vary with other people.I’m so sorry if I’ve hurt any of you.

                                          Thus,by living along with nature and loving nature,we may discover our humanity once again and live as humans,rather than social animals.

Like Shakespeare rightly said “THE EARTH HAS MUSIC FOR THOSE WHO LISTEN”…Only thing is that people have to have their ears open !! Let’s live life in the way it’s meant to 🙂


25 thoughts on “What we MISS…

  1. nearly every morning as i leave for work, i see the early morning sky with as many stars as i can see and the sounds of the night fading away and the day creeping in and i stop and soak it all in and center myself for the day ahead.

    awesome post

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  2. True. We are missing tiny but beautifying things that nature has got to show up. It’s left to us to be with nature & feel pleased or to stay away & living in a life which has got no meaning without nature. Not too late for us, nature greets us anytime.

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  3. The butterfly image drew me into reading this post, seeing butterflies always brightens my day. Yes, I agree nature has much more to offer than we realise.
    Whenever I’m stressed or feeling lost, I take myself off for a long woodland walk and always return feeling uplifted and lighter.
    I’ve just returned from 3 nights in a Yurt in the middle of beautiful part of the countryside surrounded by woodland with my 3 grandchildren (6,10 &11). We watched butterflies dance, sheep play with their lambs and wondered at the sky. We take our grandchildren outdoors every year to experience nature and thankfully they love it as much as we do.

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    1. That’s a great thing to do !! Spending time with kids and grandchildren can be a blessing.The way you express the scenario makes me see it…I hope it should have been a wonderful time !! Happy to know that still there are people out there to experience nature and it’s grandeur ! It’s really a pleasure to connect with you 🙂

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