Wish you were HERE…


We all have that one person in our lifetime,with whom we were our own true self and need not fake ourselves.We would have shared our most beautiful and evergreen memory with this person,that the very thought of the memory would give us happy tears.Even the thought of being without that person can bring goosebumps to us….I’m sure all people have at least one person of that kind in our life !!

Fate isn’t fair always…especially it gives us everything at the same time and finally takes it all away,just like a huge wave wiping off everything in its path.In this process,the first “taken thing” is the one that we value and prioritize more in our life…This may be a lifeless object (or) a life filled person in that aspect.

Born as RIVALS,raised together as SIBLINGS,I had a brother,who was more of a FRIEND and caring DAD.Raised with two big brothers can always be a “Boon and a Bane”. When coming to prioritizing,caring,fighting and restricting…brothers can be a bit extreme!! But it’s the best gift that one can get and I would never trade it for anything in this world.The feeling that ‘you have a person on whom you can count on’ can make a person move mountains.Especially being the last kid in the family can always be beneficial with brothers around!!

With a age gap of 11 years,My brother in I had the most beautiful and special bonding,the one I lack even with my parents.The feel when “seeing the world from the top of your brother’s shoulders” can be divine.The small small sacrifices from our loved person for us can make a person think that they are ‘important’ as well.Now,today after 10 long years,I confess that I WISH THAT MY BROTHER WAS HERE WITH ME,walking side by side to me,bragging about my achievements and making me feel special like he always made me feel.

But,like I said,Fate isn’t always fair.It took the most important person from my life…from me,and made me alone forever.During that time,I was barely 7 and a half.I never saw my brother’s face for the very last time,because people thought it would scar me.But,today I’m scarred because I didn’t see him.Guilt and desperation won over me all these years,making me feel like a sinner.

No one ever since,filled that special place in my life (or) maybe I never left anyone fill it up.All these years I thought,”If I missed him,then it’s like not honoring his memory”. But I was wrong all along.It’s okay to miss our loved ones and cry over it,instead of keeping it all inside and feeling suffocated.I became a ‘clean slate’ only now…and I feel very close to him like I’ve always been with him in the past.

                                 Past is to be a cherished one…rather than a ‘running away’ one.Once when a person is not afraid of his past,he’ll be able to clearly face his present and glide towards his future 🙂 Even though my past is now cherishable…I STILL WISH HE WAS HERE NOW…





34 thoughts on “Wish you were HERE…

    1. Yes that’s what I’ve learned and that’s what I hope to do so !!..The only way to be free of guilt from past is to open up and come ‘clean’. I wanted people with similar issues like mine to know that.Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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