Speak your MIND!!


There must have been a time in life where,no matter what you talk,people always ask you to shut up your mouth and thereby making you stop thinking beyond a limit.People who have similar experiences,will definitely understand what it seem like.Always being told and following them almost makes a person feel like an “underdog” within their family.It’s like having ‘two personalities’ and struggling to follow either one.And finally,you end up without having the satisfaction of completing either of the work,in spite of all the efforts you’ve put in.

The saddest part is that whenever you talk,the very next moment your mother (or) father tell you,”You speak too much these days…Be silent and observe.Don’t be too chatty”. Okay!!Well,they’re my parents and they have all the right in the world to tell me so.Fine…you take their advice to heart and pursue it,to be a ‘less chatty person’. Later on,it’s them again who’ll bombard you with questions like,”Are you okay ?You seem kind of upset toady..Are you stressed out…” and you’ll be like,”WHAT THE HECK??SHOULD I EVEN TALK OR NOT?!”.

In my case,I had a lot of sessions with my father for ‘HOW TO BE A LESS CHATTY PERSON,LIKE A PROFESSIONAL AND OBSERVE SILENCE IN LIFE’ and ‘HOW TO BE A LIVELY & CHEERFUL PERSON AND GET ALONG WITH PEOPLE’ and also for ‘HOW TO BE STRESS-FREE’….even though I had no issues regarding either of above one.In the beginning,to be honest,I enjoyed these talks as it’s all about ‘grown up stuff’. But as days passed,it really became annoying….In one extent,it became so UNBEARABLE.Like finding faults with every word I speak and interpreting them so deep,really got in my nerves.

In one point of time,my parents wanted me to speak their thoughts and exercise their action.I was like a 2.0 version of my parents.What is the worst thing that can ever happen to a person than being RESTRAINED TO SPEAK ONE’S OWN MIND.Well!It did happen to me.When I started to express my mind and suggestions,my folks were like,”You’re growing into a REBEL.This is so unlike you”….The truth is that,all these years nothing was me (ie) the real me.It was all borrowed plumes,they never really understood that.

From what I realize,it isn’t entirely my parent’s fault…I too bear half responsibility as they do.I should have opened up to my parents about them dominating me and my aversion towards it.I failed to express to them from my part at the right time and now it made me regret throughout my life for not doing so.To them,I’ll always be the one with contradicting ideas to theirs and I’ll be the same forever just because

#. I was not brave enough to show them what I truly am

#. I failed to act when it was necessary

So I can’t blame people for my current state.This is what today’s young people lack…we never have a ‘real conversation’ with our closed ones and finally end up in misunderstandings between one another.I hope my confession will help many others to face their situations and break free of shackles in expressing what they really feel.I’m so sorry if my experience have made anyone feel hurtful…but this is simply my part of the truth.

               Always remember….”THE ONLY WAY TO BE HEARD IS TO ACTUALLY SPEAK UP ONE’S OWN MIND”. Be truth to you and open up 🙂


22 thoughts on “Speak your MIND!!

  1. A very relatable scenario… I recollected my childhood where my mom used to stop me from speaking my mind (still does)n dad used to encourage… So I kind of developed this split personality… Wherein I am silent when my Mom or relatives are around… But chatty when my father or outsiders are involved… This has helped in its own way… Both parents happy 😉… but you are very right, speak your mind, because bottling your ideas n views, stiffles your own well being :)… Nice Post, made me think about what I have grown into 😊👍🏼👌

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  2. Many parents “think” they know what is best for their children and as a result stifle the real person their child is. I grew up like that too. Years later I am speaking my Truth and yet still struggle to do so with certain relationships. It’s not easy to walk your talk and know who you are in this world with so many telling you what you should be. Good for you for speaking your mind. Keep on seeking within to find the real you and then don’t compromise. ❤

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  3. I very much so enjoyed this post. Never let anyone tell you how to be. I did so for a long time and it got me nowhere. Let go of how OTHERS want you to be and express how YOU truly want to be, life will be much better. It wasn’t easy what you did, especially standing up to your parents. Great job!

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