Keep calm and don’t be an EMOTIONAL FOOL !!


In the prime age of 15 till 18 (ie) when a youngster’s teen days are on its peak,conflicts and misunderstandings burn between close ones and sometimes these small small varied thoughts takes its toll on the relationship.It is very tough to differentiate the issues of a teenager as emotional and social.The teenager is not at fault…but his/her age makes them at fault.It is very easy for a layman who views things from outside,to pin the blame on the victim.Now the victim,along with the label ‘stubborn’…’hopeless’…’sarcastic’…’emotional fool’ etc……becomes an easy target towards emotional as well as social dilemmas for others too.

In the present context,people (ie) both men and women work for their comfortable living.In families,the mums and dads lead a mechanic life thereby sacrificing their precious time for future plans,which instead can be spent with their kids.I’m not blaming the parents and I’m  well aware that parents do this to ensure their children’s future.But what is the use of working so hard and saving bucks,when the mum is not around when her kid needs her desperately.The child,who yearns for love and care,starts to face the external problems on their own and end up scarred and bruised.These marks of blotches,either shapes a person as an emotionally unstable person (or) a head strong person with a fragile personality.They are made to be ’emotional fools’ throughout their life.

This is one case.The other case is that,he kid may be used as a medium to vent out hidden frustration and anger that the parent suppressed from workplace.Just think of the mentality of the “developing adult” who has no defense for themself.This greatly affects the mental health of the teenager and makes them vulnerable.First few encounters with parents makes the teenager feel that….’Well,it is my turn to act as an adult’ and provides mental ease to the parents.But when these encounters gets frequent,there occurs conflicts.

Just like the parent,teenagers also are a part of this society and their community.Pressure from school,peer groups,relationships makes them frustrated.In addition to that,when parents too vent out their unstable emotions on them….they burst out.Children,learn to see the world as it is only when they become teenagers.Thus,small things to adults,may seem as a apocalyptic issue to a teenager.Similarly,since they have no experience of handling feelings,they break down very easily.

Now it’ll be easy to understand why teenagers have devastating emotional breakouts.You may wonder why a teenager always mix his/her social and emotional issues.Well !! All issues….say trouble in school (or) having divorced parents….are all emotionally connected to a young adult.Just think of the plight of the person when he/she develops into an adult….The girl/guy will have trouble in maintaining relationships,having casual conversations etc.Later on,they again will be branded as an introvert.

Teenagers,how much ever they suffer, must share their grievances in order to survive their teen phase of life.If they conceal their sufferings and try to bury their part of life….it will only haunt them forever.Thereby,I suggest all young people to be free of their gloomy phases in life and break free of shackles (that people create to hide from the truth) and be carefree in life.Teen years are not the end of the world…there is more yet to come.Just think these as ‘testing periods’ in life.Finally I would like to quote that…..

                                    ” PEOPLE CRY,NOT BECAUSE THEY’RE WEAK….IT’S BECAUSE THEY’VE BEEN STRONG FOR TOO LONG !!…..LIFE GOES ON,WHETHER YOU CHOOSE TO MOVE IN LIFE (OR) STAY BEHIND,LOCKED IN THE PAST !! ” So keep calm and always be in control 🙂 🙂 🙂 This too shall pass…







2 thoughts on “Keep calm and don’t be an EMOTIONAL FOOL !!

  1. I think it would be so much easier if we could recognise that misery is part of mindblowing happiness. If we lived in the world where it was ok to feel blue and gloomy sometimes.. the world where it is ok to talk about it openly.

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