In today’s world,people especially teenagers have no time to connect with real life,meet people,hang out with them,spend some quality time with family etc.But they(ie)me too, have all the time in the world to be glued to their smart phones and converse with friends whom we have never met before in our life.And in some cases it becomes one of the causes for us to slip into “DEPRESSION”,since we are practically all alone all the time.

The main fascination in day today life is LOVE…..yes!!Love looks like a sweet cup of custard for people especially teenagers who haven’t tasted it.Well!!We humans always fall for impressions without thinking twice.If this is the condition for matured adults….what will be the situation of teenagers who always believed in fairy tales and girls who spent every moment waiting for their “Prince Charming” !!!!

Teenagers who are exposed to “cheesy teen romances” are the most affected people of all.They meet some guy (or) girl in social media just by looking their domain pictures.The ‘ice breaker’ between two strangers develops into some sort of friendship…conversation will start very frequently with that unseen friend.In today’s situation, even an introvert in real world may have 1000+ friends in social media and be the most active and popular in the same.Regular,small talks takes a next step and becomes day and night lengthy chats.

In one final state,it is either the girl (or)the guy who,out of constant talks feel a sense of belonging to the other person.If this ‘talking process’ is done in real world (ie) to one’s family,real friends,dear and near….the relationship would have been smoother and more successful.But as per the age,infatuation which without any consideration,blooms into love in the young hearts.

This is how most of the first love develop in today’s teenagers.When love between two people,who have known each other since ages itself can turn into hatred…will this unseen reel love sustain ??This ensures that the first heart break will follow very soon after late realization.Some times,when this realization is a very late…things may be out of hands.

My suggestion to the future generations is that, as teenagers it is very difficult to abstain from these habits…or I must say “ADDICTIONS”. We have to live the very life to the fullest instead of wandering in mirages and later crying over it.My views and opinions may be wrong or might have others feelings…if so, I’m truly sorry. Last but not least…

                     ….”IN THE END,IT’S NOT THE YEARS IN YOUR LIFE THAT COUNTS.IT’S THE LIFE IN YOUR YEARS”…..So live your life meaningfully 🙂





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