When caring hand takes an “upper hand”…


right from my childhood,my family played a huge part in my life.like all girls,i too was my dad’s princess and had a special place in my family.my life grew along with me within four walls of my house.i had no outer experiences other than school.a school where your entire family studied can make things easy for someone and can create wrong assumptions about the world,that things will be always easy in life,as in school.well!!!!i was a victim of this idea.i had a smooth school life except for the own hurdles that i created.

high school life wouldn’t be a successful one if you have not at least  once visited your principal’s office.to make mine a memorable and grand success,i had several trips to principal’s office(which my parents are not aware of). school taught what it teaches a 17 year old and shipped me off to college.now i have all the knowledge of an 18 year college student,but lack that outward experience from society which is essential for life.six months of college gave me bruises  and scars that will forever stay with me.this sudden transformation scares me and hinders my ability now.

like entering college gave me new experiences,it created an unrest and a zone of uncomfortable for my parents.seeing their kid as an adult and letting her out of hand can be bit scary and emotional for all parents.but this is the leap of faith that all parents must take from time to time.my parents took that leap but found it very difficult to accept the fact(ie)the reality.this created a rift between me and my parents.unspoken anger and emotions that i cannot vent out changed my basic nature and made me into a”new me”-which raised brows in my family.my new found attitude gave sleepless nights for both my parents and also for me.i was literally tearing myself down inside but couldn’t let it out……this triggered a series of self harming process which i later controlled myself.

i was often criticized by my parents that…”as a learner of psychology,why are you behaving this way??”.but i never paid heed to that.from my learning “parents must always be a source of support for their kid and not an extra burden
“.some people may object this but this is what i understood.

people cannot live without one’s family.it is the members of the family who work out differences between them and live happily.you may ask,”isn’t this applicable to your family problems too??”…well,teenagers and young adults find it very difficult to open up to people,even to their parents.they only trust and open up to people of their age,having same ideas and views on life. but when someone has unfriending friends like mine,then this becomes all difficult.

“LIFE GOES ON!!!”as quoted by great motivators,18 isn’t the end of life and it must go on.perhaps i will understand my parents when i face something from their point.till then it’ll always be depressed chapter in my life……



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