My very first lesson from life…

Turning 18…

finishing high school and entering college may seem scary as well as exciting at the same time…turning 18 may make you customize your hair style…habits…attitude…and you as a person in many ways.that’s what 18 did to me.i have already mentioned me as an emotionally attached person in my profile.i’m very much attached to my peers that i always choose my friends even before my family….like 18 changed appearances for me,it replaced new peers for my friends that they became very much obsessed with their “new found college”friends…..

our frequent reunions became less and phone chats became more,at first.then followed text chats replacing phone chats.later,texts were superseded by group texts and finally our chats were live only at the period of someone’s perspective of college changed with changes in my friends  attitude over our after six months of college life,i have been proved right.this easter taught me that my friends still catch up….it’s me who have been deserted by my friends all this time.

lots of unanswered questions circled my mind.”is this what feels to be a young adult ??”…….”am i the only one to feel this way ??”…….”did my peers really considered me as a friend ??”…….”did my friends bury me deep along with their past to start afresh ??”……well!!!i don’t have answers for these questions but only time can tell.

what else worse can happen to an 18 year old,other than being ostracized by her own clique….


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